Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Baby Shower (34 weeks)

This past weekend, my mom hosted my baby shower, and it was amazing! My sister flew in from New York, and my entire family came together and worked so hard to make this a dream shower for me. I have never felt more loved and blessed, being surrounded by all the people that I love. My cousin was kind enough to offer her gorgeous home as our venue, and my mom cooked all the delicious food.  It was a magical day I will never forget.
My dress cost $15 from TJ Maxx and was stretchy and comfy (not maternity)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8 Months Pregnant

I thought this pregnancy would feel like a lifetime, but to my surprise, it has flown by. I am now 32 weeks, which makes me a whopping 8 months pregnant! I can now finally say, "I'm due next month" and with that, my nesting instincts have definitely kicked in. I wake up at the crack of dawn to empty my smashed bladder, and then can't shut my mind off. All these thoughts of preparing for baby's arrival consume my brain. I need to pack my hospital bag, diaper bag, I need to get a diaper bag, oh, baby has the hiccups, yet again. He gets the hiccups multiple times a day, and though everyone says I will soon get annoyed with them, I just see them as a loving reminder that he is always with me and doing well. Pre-pregnancy, I weighed in at 110 lbs., and now, 20 pounds later, I look like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt. I still get shocked when I walk past a mirror and catch a glimpse of my big ol' belly. It's amazing! This pregnancy has been so smooth that I actually think I will truly miss being pregnant. I had a good week or two of heartburn that would make sleeping a bit difficult, but I stopped eating hours before bed, and if I felt it coming on, I'd prop myself up on a bunch of pillows and sleep a bit upright. Other than that, the only other symptom I have really experienced is the fatigue from the first trimester, making it's way into this final trimester.

My baby shower is next weekend, and I couldn't be more excited to see all my family, especially my sister from New York, who is flying out for this special occasion. I was with her when she delivered her second baby, and now, she gets to see me pregnant! The only thing missing will be my sister in Hawaii, but with four kids of her own, it's very difficult to get away. I will be sure to post tons of photos of my baby shower for everyone to see!