Monday, March 7, 2016

My Biggest Beeauty Regret

I am doing something I have never done before: writing a review on a service that I did not love. Not only did I just not love it, I can confidently say that I HATE it. I have never shared reviews on products or services that I did not like, because I'd rather just give attention to great things, however, I feel I'd be doing an injustice by not sharing my experience at SpaByMode. As many of you know, I gave birth to my son a year and a half ago. When Zane was a newborn, my free time was very limited, and as a result, I came up with the 'brilliant' idea to have my eyebrows tattooed with semi-permanent makeup. I began my research on Instagram, and that's when I found spabymode's account, and was impressed with the work I saw. I scheduled an appointment, and when Zane was just two months old, I left him home with a babysitter for the very first time to undergo this procedure.

My experience began before I arrived at Spa By Mode, when I was four minutes late and received a call by Sharon's assistant, asking where I was. I explained that my navigation led me to the wrong side of the street, and asked for guidance to find the correct shopping center, since there were shopping centers lined up for 5 blocks. I found the correct one, parked my car, and literally ran into the shop, apologizing for being 6 minutes late. Sharon forced a smile, while leisurely flipping through her appointment book for several minutes, before casually strolling to the restroom. I sat and waited for 15 minutes, before her assistant led me into the tattoo room, (her assistant was pleasant).

Sharon later entered the room and carried an angry and rude demeanor from start to finish. She told me she had been doing eyebrows for ten years, and I realized it was probable that she had become so robotic that she forgot to treat each new client with delicacy, as this was a first time for me, and getting a tattoo on my face is a big deal. I showed her photos of different types of eyebrows that I like, and then she told me to lay down so she could draw a shape of HER choosing on one brow. Once she finished drawing the brow, I sat up and inspected it in the mirror. I was taken back by the shape, size, and dark color she drew.  She asked my opinion and I gave her a list of things to alter. For every opinion I had, instead of making the alterations, she angrily defended why she drew the shape she had drawn. After a while of talking in circles and her repeated response of "Your face is a square. This is the brow shape for your square face." She put on yet another painfully forced smile, while constantly glancing at the time, and said "You have three minutes to decide, or else I am not going to do your eyebrows."
The pressure from her anger got the best of me, because I agreed to start the process because otherwise, I was "wasting" her precious time. The process was extremely painful. I was not numbed at all! Once she completed the tattoo application, I took a look in the mirror and wanted to cry. Sharon reminded me that they would lighten up 40-50% and shrink 25%. Once I paid, her demeanor flipped a switch, and she acted nice suddenly. She urged me to pay cash to avoid card surcharges. She also said that if I had any questions or concerns, I could call her, and "if" she had time, she'd return my call. The entire process was very stressful and rushed, and still under the two hours allotted for the appointment.

My eyebrows took over a week to peel and heal, and the outcome still, is not to my liking. All the things I wanted her to change, though she refused, are the things I have to face every time I look in the mirror. My left brow is much darker than the right, and my right brow is higher than the left. The space between my too dark eyebrows is far too wide, and they make me appear angry.  It's very frustrating to know that I asked her to change these things and she refused, with much hostility. I was also horrified to discover that she had shaven the outer half of my eyebrows off, and tattoed above my actual eyebrow, so when my eyebrow hair grew back, I looked like I had two sets of eyebrows! I try my best to conceal the brows that she tattooed, and stick to my natural brow line. This actually requires more time to do my eyebrows than before I even got them tattooed!
I cancelled my "touch up" appointment, because I refuse to pay her to fix what she should have done in the first place, and touch ups should be included in the original cost. I also opted to spare myself from her unprofessional and miserable attitude.

I have since read reviews on yelp, and all the negative ones (there are many) are spot on. I only wish I read them before this awful experience. If I can save one person's eyebrows from her, that will make me happy.

Below is a photo of my eyebrows, applied by myself. I showed this photo to Sharon, and she said they did not match my face at all, and created her own awful look on me.

Now, here is a collection of the tattooes by Sharon. As you can see, her tail is above my actual eyebrow tail, as my real eyebrow hair begins to grow back. She drew above the left eyebrow and under the right eyebrow. There is no symmetry at all. The space between my eyebrows is too far, and isn't tattooed at all in this area.