Saturday, February 28, 2015

4 Months

Each month unfolds new milestone discoveries that amaze me. This month is when Zane really began talking, and by talking, I mean nonstop! I'm convinced he's speaking some ancient language he's fluent in. He babbles so naturally, with such conviction and tons of expression. His babbles are music to my ears; I could listen all day long. He holds his head up perfectly now, so I can wear him in my ergobaby360 carrier easily. I've been taking him on nature walks and he loves to look around and observe the ducks and turtles swimming in the pond.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Months

As we entered the third month, something very exciting happened. Zane started giggling, and even laughing uncontrollably! He always giggles when I kiss him and it melts my heart every single time. We also took out first plane trip: from Los Angeles to New York. I nursed Zane during takeoff and landing and gave him Tylenol once we boarded the plane and he was an absolute angel! He sat on my lap the whole time and was so well behaved that people couldn't believe there was a 3 month old on the plane with them. We spent the holidays in NY so Zane could meet my sister and her kids and some of his fathers family. Zane loved spending time with his family, but after two weeks, we were ready to be home and back on our usual schedule. He was such a good trooper through all the traveling and they say the first few months are the best times to travel with your little one. Once they become toddlers, it gets more challenging.
Zane started teething for the first time, right around the 3 month mark, chewing on his hand, drooling and crying in pain. I've been giving him Hylands teething tablets, which seem to help.  I also got a bunch of teething toys for him to chew on, but I don't freeze them, because he hates anything cold. I've heard about the amazing effects of the amber teething necklace; that it reduces pain and eliminates drooling, so I went out and bought one. I placed the cute necklace on Zane and sat back to enjoy the magical effects, only to deem it as ineffective. Zane's drooling had not decreased in the slightest, and maybe even increased.  I kept the necklace on him for a few weeks, before removing it, and not noticing the slightest difference either way.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Right around the 4 month mark, I started to notice my first postpartum side effect: dramatic hair loss. This is very normal and usually occurs between 3 and 6 months postpartum, when your hair hibernates for a prolonged period of time, before making it's debut. I noticed it suddenly, when I brushed my hair and a handful of hair came out in my brush. My hair gets so unruly and knotted that I have to braid my hair or put it up in a bun to prevent my hair from turning into a huge rats nest, yikes! Every single time I brush my hair, hair falls out by the handful, so I don't brush my hair everyday anymore.
Unfortunately, when I wear my hair up in a bun, my hair loss is incredibly noticeable. My hair that frames my face has fallen out and highlights my receding hairline as shown in this photo below. I used a hair thinning powder and applied it to my hairline, and it has made a world of a difference! I feel confident wearing my hair up again, thanks to this amazing powder!

I am also taking Biotin vitamins, which I recommend!

In a few months, my hair will grow back, and I'm hearing that I'll have a ton of baby hair that sticks up. I'll gladly take that over having bald spots. Bring on the baby hair!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Zane is two months old

As we entered the second month, Zane was gradually beginning to realize that he was here to stay, and that wasn't a bad prospect. I was still dealing with major nipple pain from feeding my barracuda of a baby, but once I recovered from my mastitis (breast infection) the pain faded away. Zane slept for longer stretches through the night, and I when I was too tired to move him back into his co-sleeper, I'd keep him in bed with me. I noticed that he always slept longer when he was in bed with me, so he gradually skipped the co-sleeper altogether, and we have not looked back. The best part of the second month was getting to see his first smile! He had been smiling in his sleep from day one, but to see him smile on his own because he was actually happy was the best feeling in the world! The 8 week mark also meant I'd completed my c-section recovery (yay!) and could work out and no longer needed to wear a girdle.
Zane had his first job: modeling for Ergo Baby. this was pretty exciting. We brought Zane to the studio and he was placed in a swaddle and photographed, laying over a furry blanket. Zane did an amazing job at his photoshoot, and we are so proud of him! I'm still waiting on the photos and will post as soon as we get them!