Friday, February 6, 2015

Zane is two months old

As we entered the second month, Zane was gradually beginning to realize that he was here to stay, and that wasn't a bad prospect. I was still dealing with major nipple pain from feeding my barracuda of a baby, but once I recovered from my mastitis (breast infection) the pain faded away. Zane slept for longer stretches through the night, and I when I was too tired to move him back into his co-sleeper, I'd keep him in bed with me. I noticed that he always slept longer when he was in bed with me, so he gradually skipped the co-sleeper altogether, and we have not looked back. The best part of the second month was getting to see his first smile! He had been smiling in his sleep from day one, but to see him smile on his own because he was actually happy was the best feeling in the world! The 8 week mark also meant I'd completed my c-section recovery (yay!) and could work out and no longer needed to wear a girdle.
Zane had his first job: modeling for Ergo Baby. this was pretty exciting. We brought Zane to the studio and he was placed in a swaddle and photographed, laying over a furry blanket. Zane did an amazing job at his photoshoot, and we are so proud of him! I'm still waiting on the photos and will post as soon as we get them!

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