Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Months

As we entered the third month, something very exciting happened. Zane started giggling, and even laughing uncontrollably! He always giggles when I kiss him and it melts my heart every single time. We also took out first plane trip: from Los Angeles to New York. I nursed Zane during takeoff and landing and gave him Tylenol once we boarded the plane and he was an absolute angel! He sat on my lap the whole time and was so well behaved that people couldn't believe there was a 3 month old on the plane with them. We spent the holidays in NY so Zane could meet my sister and her kids and some of his fathers family. Zane loved spending time with his family, but after two weeks, we were ready to be home and back on our usual schedule. He was such a good trooper through all the traveling and they say the first few months are the best times to travel with your little one. Once they become toddlers, it gets more challenging.
Zane started teething for the first time, right around the 3 month mark, chewing on his hand, drooling and crying in pain. I've been giving him Hylands teething tablets, which seem to help.  I also got a bunch of teething toys for him to chew on, but I don't freeze them, because he hates anything cold. I've heard about the amazing effects of the amber teething necklace; that it reduces pain and eliminates drooling, so I went out and bought one. I placed the cute necklace on Zane and sat back to enjoy the magical effects, only to deem it as ineffective. Zane's drooling had not decreased in the slightest, and maybe even increased.  I kept the necklace on him for a few weeks, before removing it, and not noticing the slightest difference either way.

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