Thursday, May 29, 2014

Butterfly Blessings

My friend, Cristeen, brought me to a beautiful park by her house, to take OOTD photos. Once we were finished, we hopped in my car to head back to her house. As we were driving out of the park, I noticed a butterfly fluttering on the ground. I stopped my car to see if the butterfly was alright, and quickly learned that there were TWO butterflies, and they were mating! I pulled out my phone to try to capture a photo of the beautiful act, when suddenly, one of the butterflies flew into my car and landed on my lap and stayed there for a good ten minutes. Cristeen was terrified, and I always thought it was good luck when a butterfly lands on you, but never has one remained there like this! We exited my car and took photos and video recordings of my new friend, before helping it onto a tree. The butterfly was probably exhausted from mating, and found a place of rest and comfort on me, but it definitely made my day.

Top & Sunglasses: H&M
Pants, earrings, shoes: Forever21

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