Thursday, June 11, 2015

8 Months Old

Zane is 8 months old now! He also has 6 teeth now! His two top front teeth came in, and then his incisors made their way immediately after. When he was cranky from all the pain, I would give him hylands tablets, tylenol, and I nursed, nursed, nursed! Nursing on demand around the clock helped him so much. I was so worried about him biting me because he would clench his jaw and grind his teeth in discomfort, but somehow, he miraculously knew not to bite me; amazing! He has a gap between his top front teeth, and I think it's just the cutest thing ever!
As I've mentioned plenty of times, I exclusively breastfeed Zane. I didn't really know when to start giving Zane baby food, but a part of me wanted to put it off for a while, selfishly because I still want the strong nursing bond that we share. I read and was told from fellow mothers that the right time to introduce baby food id generally when the baby can sit up on his/her own, unassisted, has mastered their pincer skills, and expresses an interest in watching your food. When Zane exhibited all of these things, I reluctantly knew it was time to try. I started off with rice cereal mixed with my breast milk, but Zane would close his mouth tightly each time I brought the spoon to his mouth. Later, I tried sweet potatoes, and that went better. I will keep trying until he falls in love with food, but I still want to breastfeed through his first birthday.

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