Monday, June 8, 2015

7 months Old

Zane is 7 months old! Now that he sits up on his own, he feels like such a big kid, and loves it! He plays with his year old cousin everyday and she calls him 'baby'. He started swim lessons this month, and so far, he does not like it. Even though his lessons are only 15 minutes long, it's painful to see him look so unhappy. I just keep reminding myself that he won't remember any of this. Zane's first two bottom teeth are coming in, and he has been such a brave little boy through the teething process. Zane is loving all his chew toys, but especially when I just wet a wash rag and tie it into a knot. I can't lie; I'm terrified of Zane using me as a chew toy when he nurses, but so far so good.
I didn't mention this in my 6 month post, but it is definitely worth mentioning that my hair has completely stopped falling out, and is all growing back. I may have a ton of wild baby hair, but I will take that any day over bald spots. Just before the 6 month mark, I grew incredibly impatient with my hair constantly getting tangled due to the hair fallout, and I told my mother I was going to cut my hair to my shoulder. I had given up on my hair, but my mother ran out and brought me hair detangler and promised my hair would go back to normal, and as soon as Zane turned 6 months old, my hair really was back to normal. I hope this gives hope to my postpartum mamas who are dealing with the awful postpartum hair loss issues. It really does get better and I'm living proof!

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