Monday, April 14, 2014

Can BB Creams live up to all the hype?

BB creams, also known as a beauty balm, or a blemish base, originated in East and Southeast Asia, and have recently made their way to the Western market. They are praised for being able to act as a multi-purpose moisturizer, base, and foundation, to hide blemishes and tint the skin, all in one bottle. Though often used for its' skin whitening properties by Koreans, in the US, I have often heard BB creams being called 'tinted moisturisers on steroids', with a range of shades to choose from. 
*Tip: If you have naturally oily skin, I recommend setting the bb cream with setting powder to prevent any greasiness.
With so many companies creating their own bb concoction, I decided to try my first one, and tried Stilas' version. My first reaction was that it did not give my face the color that I was expecting, in fact, hardly any color at all. However, I soon discovered the silky finish that this cream left on my face. My face was very very matte, and more importantly, my pores disappeared! My skin looked flawless, like porcelain. This product is perfect for summer. I like to let my skin breathe as much as possible during the hot months, so I will apply the Stila BB cream all over my face, conceal my undereyes, add bronzer for some color, and I'm out the door. I love this product, and will repurchase it, while trying out more BB creams!

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